Robert Dyer Reports on Westbard

September, 2017 (WPFW Podcast - Listen - Sept. 27, 2017) (MoCo Mediators Unilaterally Terminate Mediation) (Westbard Trial Delayed, Sept. 27, 2017) (Consensus on Burial Sites Legislation - Too Little, Too Late) (HOC Unnerved by Cemetery Protesters) (HOC Silent Protest on Sept. 6, 2017)

​​August, 2017

​​ (Aug. 16, 2017 Motions' Hearing)

July, 2017 (Westbard cemetery supporters launch fundraising campaign) (Westbard lawsuit adds MoCo HOC as defendant) (Judge postpones Westbard lawsuit hearing)

​June, 2017 (New cemetery legislation doesn't help Westbard burial site) (Berliner and Westbard developer made a great team) (MBC takes Westbard cemetery fight to HOC) (MoCo, Regency Centers file motions to dismiss)


May, 2017 (Berliner met privately with Westbard developer) (MBC presses Berliner on cemetery at NAACP meeting) (Westbard developer delinquent on taxes to MoCo) ("Justice Tuesdays" moves Westbard cemetery fight to the night) (Glen Mar Park latest neighborhood to donate) (Westbard developers sponsor Planning Board chair's award) (Macedonia Baptist Church wins a concession on cemetery) (Leggett asks Westbard developer to enter mediation) (Fort Sumner to donate funds to Westbard lawsuit) (Justice Tuesday, May 2, 2017)

​​​ (Church to march again Tuesday) (Developer Side-Steps Discovery)

April, 2017 (Justice Tuesday, April 25, 2017) (Macedonia Baptist Church - Justice Tuesdays) (Fact-Checking Westbard Cemetery Skeptics) (MoCo lets Regency run the Cemetery Research) (MoCo Planners Suppressed Cemetery Info)

March, 2017 (Springfield Donates $5000) (Wood Acres Donates $5000) (Cemetery Research, Integrity Compromised)

February, 2017 (Westmoreland Hills Donates $5000) (Legality of Sketch Plan Approval in Question) (Shrinking Amenities in Westbard Plan) (Planning Board Bows to Developer) (Cemetery Protest) (Cemetery Protest) (Casey Anderson Surrounds Himself with Armed Guards) (Cemetery Protest at Planning Board) (Whole Foods Apologizes to MBC) (Planning Board Removes Cemetery Site -- For Now) (Cemetery Protest On-Site) (Protests Planned) (EO Hires Ottery?) (WMATA Decreases Bus Service to Westbard)

2016 Reports (Sumner Donates $5000) (EO Does Not Care about Cemetery) (Cemetery Desecration Report Dec 2016) (Developer Westbard Photo - Shocking) (Willett Dedication) (Sketch Plan Hearing in Feb) (Self Storage in Westbard) (Preliminary Plan Public Hearing Set) (EO/Regency Merger) (SMA Approval) (EO Intervenes in Westbard Lawsuit) (EquityOne delays Sketch Plan) (Westbard residents set to challenge Council) (Is the Willett safe?) (Equity One files sketch plan) (Park Bethesda becomes The Residences) (WES Developer seeks delay) (Equity One's June 1st meeting)

​​ (Westbard Derangement Syndrome) (only 3% support from residents) (protest at Council) (revealing moco planners doing what developer wants) (Leventhal:  The Suburbs were a Mistake) (Berliner begs residents to believe that he’s worked SO HARD) (tarring SaveWestbard as a “small group”) (residents protest at shopping center, back to back days) (community meeting 4/3/16, residents irate) (Report on March 22nd Council Worksession, affordable housing declared a primary “amenity”) (PHED meeting where River Rd zoning severely restricted and affordable housing is the clarion call) (What will the Willett cost?  No one knows) (no extra thru-lane at River/Little Falls) (Casey Anderson mansplains housing dump to residents)  (land use staff report, redevelop Bethesda) (residents are done with Berliner and his plan) (Traffic and Schools ... Hey, they will be fine!) (Berliner proposal is a dud with residents)