"Where the Montgomery County Council took a blase approach to the plans for naturalizing the Willett Branch stream, realigning Westbard Avenue to connect directly to River Road, and recognition and protection of an African-American cemetery on the site of the Westwood Tower apartments in approving the Westbard sector plan this year, planners pushed back after Equity One did not indicate these were priorities in its sketch plan." -Robert Dyer

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Read the 2008 Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning study entitled A Vision for the River Road - Westbard Area that was neglected by the County Council during their review of the development project.

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Read the 2008 Community Survey results

Read the 2016 Community Survey results

Compare CUA vision to present vision


Let’s begin with a review of "where we are," and then discuss "where we are headed." ...

For reference:  Yellow buildings are residential; and pink buildings are commercial.  As you can see, EquityOne fully intends to maximize density and also intends to exercise its option to increase building heights on two buildings due to the inclusion of extra MPDUs.  The building next to Park Bethesda (Bowlmor site) will increase to 122’; the building next to HOC will increase to 85’.  Take special note, also, of the residential townhouses (do they have yards?) placed awkwardly, barrack style, in front of Kenwood Place condos.


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